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Déclaration de confidentialité

Belgium Glass Repair BV respects the privacy of visitors to the site and ensures that the personal information that you provide will always be treated confidentially. We will use your information to let any supply of information go quickly and easily.


Some applications can be made with cookies. A cookie is a small text file with information about the user, which will be transferred to the user’s hard drive. The cookies do not contain personal information. If the user closes the browser, the cookie will be removed. We use cookies to save the visitor’s time. If the user and/or the member refuses cookies in the settings of their browser, they can still use the website.


Belgium Glass Repair BV does not collect unique information about you (like your name, email address etc.) except if you expressly and consciously provide this information. Belgium Glass Repair BV notes down and stores information such as time, browser type, browser language and IP address of every visit. This information is used to check our records and provide our users with more relevant services. For example, Belgium Glass Repair BV could use your IP address or browser type for the further development of the website.


We will not make your personal information available to third parties without your permission. We appreciate the trust you put in us, and will do everything we can to protect your personal information.

If you respond through the email form, we ask you for your name, address and email address. We will use this data to send you the requested information or offer.

We will sometimes use your information to inform you of improvements to the website, special offers and discounts. If you are not interested in this, please let us know via email.

Belgium Glass Repair BV will do everything they can to protect your personal information from intrusions by third parties. Belgium Glass Repair BV complies with recent guidelines by the government and relevant organisations who work to protect privacy.


The personal information that is collected through this website is secured through the current customary techniques.

Belgium Glass Repair uses the other personal information as long as you make use of the services of Belgium Glass Repair or for as long as the law dictates. Belgium Glass Repair may store the personal information for longer if there are circumstances that make this necessary.


You can make a specific request to Belgium Glass Repair to view, correct or remove your personal information. In order to do this, you can send an email to the email address on the contact page. In your request, you should specify as much as possible what personal information you mean. Based on your request, we will send you an email about the further procedure.

In principle, Belgium Glass Repair will respond to a request for insight or correction within four weeks. If it is a request for removal, Belgium Glass Repair will remove the personal information in question as soon as possible, unless and insofar as the law commands to store the personal information in question or (other) pressing reasons to resist the removal of the information. After you have made a request for removal, Belgium Glass Repair will send you confirmation. If Belgium Glass Repair has not (partially) removed the information in question, Belgium Glass Repair will send the visitor a message to explain why they cannot meet their request (completely).

If Belgium Glass Repair cannot determine (fully) what personal information a request for insight, correction or removal applies to, Belgium Glass Repair can ask the visitor to specify their request (further). Belgium Glass Repair will suspend the execution of the request until the visitor has provided Belgium Glass Repair with the (further) specification.

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Déclaration de confidentialité
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